Our Services

Our Services

• Examinership

• Receivership

 • Member’s Voluntary Liquidation

• Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation

• Court Liquidations

• Business Reviews for lenders

• Personal Insolvency

• Bankruptcy Proceedings

• Corporate Finance

• Investigations

• Forensic Accounting

How we can assist you

• Advise and establish a plan for going forward

• Act upon the advice

• Act Impartially

• Ensure the interests of all creditors are dealt with fairly

• Be positive in our appproach

Management Services

• Assistance with the incorporation of the new Irish Subsidiary.

• Turnkey Services –employees, office premises etc.

• Book – Keeping, Financial Control, Cash and Treasury Management and Reporting.

• Management & Licensing of Intellectual Property.

• Annual Audit Management.

• Tax compliance.

• Management of Banking Relationships.

• Corporate Governance.